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Love Appearance And Familiarity

Love Appearance And Familiarity

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In absence of appearance,
love comes through familiarity.

Of what holds me to not explain why
your love perches on the mango tree
of my lonely soul like dove for
neither appearance nor
familiarity, I possess none.

And what god or goddess spell the to love me?

What trilogy makes you, me, love; to be
in this Bunsen burner of true love standing
firm on th Continue reading

Why I Donated It To Charity

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Economic Condition Of My Country

(this is my view in a poetic form, hope you’ll enjoy it) World! If world was made by Dell Then Will tell me what is wrong With the world And that is why I know not what to be done Whether to consult Ifa, the wise one Or to perform ablution and count tasbih … Continue reading Economic Condition Of My Country