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Dare To Be Different

To be weird means being different and unusual It means being haunted by the insecurities that will always follow Like knives thrown and aimed at your exposed self The fear of the blades piercing through your flesh The blades of social judgement and prejudice. To be weird means going against the crashing waves The force that … Continue reading Dare To Be Different

Best Kept Secrets

It was one of those windy harmattan Wednesdays in Enugu, a steady swoosh of dust and wind on the untarred streets of Independence layout, that made Noel Ubaka long for a summer holiday abroad. He covered his face to protect himself as he walked up the street. He had gone for a quick jog – … Continue reading Best Kept Secrets

Craving Hope (XV) Final Episode

The door to the private visiting room opened, and the woman strode through it sluggishly, stopping short at the table where the lady sat head down. “What are you doing here?” A surprised Regina queried as she looked up and saw the woman staring down at her. Rage swirled through her at the sight of … Continue reading Craving Hope (XV) Final Episode

Craving Hope (XIV)

Weeks passed with agonizing slowness, during which Gabrielle and her children flew to the US to recuperate through therapy and a change of environment. Ifeoma seemed resentful, Ekene was confused, and Gabrielle was exhausted. Ifeoma resented Gabrielle for how quickly she ran into the arms of another man days after her husband’s death. The therapist … Continue reading Craving Hope (XIV)

Craving Hope (XIII)

Obiekwe was already waiting for them at Amobi’s office. He rose and shook hands with Ike and Gabrielle. “Mrs. Rosenfeld. Congratulations on your recent good fortune. The prosecuting attorney has given me a copy of Regina Agu’s full confession since I would now handling the case.” “Thank you, Mr. Obiekwe, I am glad you have … Continue reading Craving Hope (XIII)