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Eki: The Prince’s Bride

Along the river road The three young girls walked single file along the path that led to their village, Igodi. They were returning from the river, where they had gone to fetch water for their mothers. Placed on their heads were clay pots of different sizes with Edafe, who was at the rear of the … Continue reading Eki: The Prince’s Bride

Blues For Ruby (3)

Before my lips could reach hers,  something made me stop. She blinked and gazed fixedly up at me. “What’s the matter?”she asked. “Nothing. It’s just…I don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you, of the situation.” “Ha! Take advantage?  Of me?” she scoffed. “What am I? 14? I’m 26 years old! I know … Continue reading Blues For Ruby (3)

Finding Tiwa (3)

Fate and careful planning had brought Martin my way again. My seeing him at the interview was no surprise as I had known from a contact within the company that he would be on the interview panel. Now for the next stage- making him fall in love with me (for real this time) then dumping … Continue reading Finding Tiwa (3)

Finding Tiwa (2)

For the rest of the long vacation, Martin and I were always together. We could not openly date as he still considered me too young. “Too young? I’m no minor but a young adult old enough to vote!” I would protest. Another issue between us was Nkem, his girlfriend on campus. I had seen her … Continue reading Finding Tiwa (2)

Finding Tiwa (1)

Tiwa came down from the taxi in front of the tall office building and smoothened her smart, ash coloured skirt suit. This is it, she thought as she walked through the main entrance of the building and took the lift up to the fifth floor of the high rise. This was the moment she had … Continue reading Finding Tiwa (1)

My Wedding Night Blues (2)

“Is that what you think? That I took a loan to pay for our wedding?” Raffe asked. “Yes! Where else could you have got the money you plan to spend that is way beyond our budget?” I countered. He had arrived home a short while before from work and I had confronted him immediately on … Continue reading My Wedding Night Blues (2)

My Wedding Night Blues (1)

The wedding night. Does it still exist in this fast-paced, digital, modern world? A world where a man and a woman will jump into bed before they even know each other’s names or other personal details? Well, it still exists in some cultures round the world, mine included. Where I come from in the Niger … Continue reading My Wedding Night Blues (1)

Web of Love (2)

She placed a light kiss on my mouth, then her thumb replaced her lips, tracing the outline of my mouth with a light, feathery touch. I held her hand tightly to me, our eyes locked on each other, unwillingly to let go, momentarily forgetting that she was my brother’s fiancé, that she belonged to someone … Continue reading Web of Love (2)

Web of Love (1)

The first time I saw Ibiere, I remember thinking ‘Wow! So fine!’ She was very beautiful with bright, sparkling eyes, sensuous lips and naturally long dark hair which flowed over her shoulders in waves. Her figure too was ‘hot’ with big, firm boobs set off by a slim waist I wanted to wind my arms … Continue reading Web of Love (1)

My Husband’s Tenant (4) breaking bonds

My mother stared at me as if I was mad. “Crystal, have you been drinking or what? What did I just hear you say?” she asked sharply. She had come visiting from her home in the Woji area of town. We were in my small sitting room upstairs where I had my sewing machine and … Continue reading My Husband’s Tenant (4) breaking bonds

My Husband’s Tenant (3) – An Intense Affair

After the call from her husband ended, Chrystal sat, staring blankly at the TV screen opposite her. Usually, the news that her husband would be coming home after such a long absence would have made her extremely happy. She would have immediately started preparations such as cooking some of his favourite dishes, taking extra care … Continue reading My Husband’s Tenant (3) – An Intense Affair

My Husband’s Tenant (2) Touch of Fire

I found myself pressed against the door, the handle digging into my back. But I didn’t feel it because all my thoughts were focused on Benji, his face buried in my neck, dropping light kisses all the way to my lips. I knew I would be lost if he kissed me so I averted my … Continue reading My Husband’s Tenant (2) Touch of Fire