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If Satan Repented

Accra, Ghana. July 13th, 2013 “The Supreme Court of Ghana hereby sentence you, Corporal Agya Akosua to death by….. The corporal just stood, transfixed. The worst had finally happened. I am innocent, but God why? Various methods of capital punishments ran through his mind within seconds just before the judge pronounced it.  …Death by decapitation, … Continue reading If Satan Repented

Babies don’t go to Hell

“Sarah, your father will arrive earlier today” Hannah, a wife and a mother of three said to her first child. “Unbelievable! I suppose dad is a night worker, why the sudden change this time” Sarah, a second year law student was known for this strange character. She always found reason why something should not be. … Continue reading Babies don’t go to Hell

Woman of Valor (3)

Woman of Valor (3)

Brown struggled, flapping his hands and legs trying to stay alive, but he couldn’t over power the well built guard. April 1st 2:00AM (3 hours earlier)        Brown and his four children laid close to each other on separate beds, undergoing treatment in an hospital. Brown had recovered fast from the injection effect. He was … Continue reading Woman of Valor (3)

Woman of valor (1)

To every lady, all strong women out there that keeps fighting for the best of their families. Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.                                                                                                           King Solomon MARCH 31st, 11:50PM.        She dropped her phone almost immediately; it would have been best if … Continue reading Woman of valor (1)