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A Time full of Love

1. She was quite easily the most beautiful girl I knew, but when I asked her out and she said ‘No’ to me, I was glad. As I walked away from her right after, I heard her friends, clustering back about her, giggling, perhaps mocking; I ignored them – simply got into my car and … Continue reading A Time full of Love

That Season Named Love

In the long harmattan days of December, Our lips cracked like ripe walnuts Ruth travelled with me crosscountry – Ruth of the green eyes and open legs – We rode down expressways Fuelled on the blightness of our words. She stuck her neck out the window Left a trace of her scent across the hamlets We drove … Continue reading That Season Named Love

Conversations I: The Good ones, never were [1]

The cry came without warning – the loudness of it, pierced the quiet of the night so sharply I had to depress the brake pedal of my car too quickly. The tires skidded and the car stopped; thankfully, no car was behind mine, but that cry – sharp and short, was troubling. I checked that the … Continue reading Conversations I: The Good ones, never were [1]