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Young Nigerian mom, addicted to reading and writing. I see everything in technicolor, and i've been told severally, that I tend to over analyse. I'm a firm believer in first doubting everything we know, in order to know for sure, the things we know, ergo, I am usually open and non critical of every life choice, personality and event, as long as it does no harm to others.

Black Bird – Chapter One(c)

Fainting at awkward moments was quick becoming my reputation in the village. And after three years of living with Iya Elewe, I started considering going back to my father because people would whisper when I pass by. Some think I’m a witch. Others try hard not to offend me, and some called me Omo omi. … Continue reading Black Bird – Chapter One(c)


Living in the village as opposed to town life was peaceful for me as a child. My school was only a few short kilometres away from home, and I didn’t break my back washing “aso giran” that my step mother never seemed to run out of. My grand mother Iya Elewe was the baale’s first … Continue reading BLACK BIRD – CHAPTER 1b

Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 11

A picture is a secret about a secret The more it tells you, the less you know I should be comfortable. In sheets of egyptian cotton, Four Squared hotel felt like home. It was already 10pm when I got to my room because the traffic was just as bad as when I left the office … Continue reading Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 11

Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 10

I like it when you sleep You are so beautiful Yet so unaware I started regretting my choice to go to church, the moment we nosed in on the bumper of the ash colored Toyota avensis in front of us. Dennis was beaming from ear to ear, practically jumping for joy. He kept pointing out … Continue reading Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 10

BLACK BIRD (Chapter 1a)

Cakes of concealer plastered on my face make me feel like a clown readied for a circus bit. Its a new world for me and so while the set designer and make up artist fly up and down trying to make it all perfect, I let my short life flash yet again. I beckoned on … Continue reading BLACK BIRD (Chapter 1a)

BLACK BIRD – Prologue

What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice. Its not just me. Every kid in our hamlet does it. Probably, every kid in the world. After our dunlop slippers are well worn and torn, we would make a music box out of it, by cutting out a compartment, and looking … Continue reading BLACK BIRD – Prologue

Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 9

Yet each man kills the thing he loves By each let this be heard Some do it with a bitter look Some with a flattering word The coward does it with a kiss The brave man with a sword “Good morning” I greeted them all, staring pointedly at my mum. “Oh.. er Simi ” Mum … Continue reading Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 9

Bleedin Louboutin – Part 8

Those who hang in corridors are going nowhere, coming from nowhere. Its been near a month since I had my encounter with Diddy. Everyday I drove into the parking garage at work and I think to myself, maybe today I’ll get a chance to speak with him. My hair was always laid like blessings and … Continue reading Bleedin Louboutin – Part 8


”Can we trust him?” She asked, and from one hollow eye socket to the other, they both had doubts about him. Watching as his car backed out of the cemetery, Kalize drifted and in a twinkle of an eye, she was gone from her father’s sight. In a second, she drifted about all of the … Continue reading FINISH MY BUSINESS – Part 2