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A woman the world might never know The woman we adore secretly Big office she occupy not The media broadcast her not Yet we see what she does and pray that she live long. Though she has no university certificate to flaunt But her enterprising nature conceal her lapses Committed to her husband seeing that … Continue reading Woman

Mama Dora (Prof Dora Akunyili)

Mama Dora (Prof Dora Akunyili)

Mama Dora A woman of Adoration, A leverage on which the nation Became known for commendation. In the health sector, a big no to corruption Expired food not for consumption No to fake drugs! A means to life termination. Unfortunately, with great indignation Against the knowledge of cancer’s proclamation Which snatched you from the hands … Continue reading Mama Dora (Prof Dora Akunyili)

The Journey Of Love (True Love)…

  In the Village of “Ufedo”, Eniafe went on a mission to find the woman that will be the father of his kids. He planned to name his kids not minding if they were all boys or girls as Ifunnanya, Feranmi and Inasonki. He was due for marriage and so the village priest called him … Continue reading The Journey Of Love (True Love)…


THERE IS GOD Oooooooo!

BOKO HARAM Birthed in the 21st century, A name to be reckoned with forcefully, Even babies in the womb knows that you exist, And when they step into this part of the world, They are been prayed for “May you not be a victim of Boko-haram And everyone says “Amen”. Both young and old never … Continue reading THERE IS GOD Oooooooo!