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Even when in a white coat dispensing and counselling on drug use, his mind wanders wildly on the next idea on screen, on the pages of a book, or on the lines of a music note. Thank goodness, he keeps saving and not taking lives. An author, screenwriter and songwriter, with a deep love for cameras; he loves to be behind the lens, giving directions as scripted from his mind. He plays the guitar, a pass, and he likes to draw and pa-int, though he wouldn't agree, he's getting worse at these crafts. If not for his whacky voice, probably he would have been the next John Legend....hehehe. Anyways, thank God for the gift of writing. His greatest desire remains making it to heaven, where he knows he will be transformed into a vocal gem, as he sings alongside angels. To you, he may be a sanguine, to others a melancholic. Don't disturb yourself, he himself doesn't know. He doesn't take himself seriously too. But he will treat you with respect. He loves God, man and nature. By man, he means human beings. He's straight! For the records.

Avian d’Erosã

Have you ever wondered how lovers seem to know what their partner is thinking? How they seem to become like-minds? An evidence they were in love. I’m responsible for that, my specialty is with couples in love. I’m the little bird that whispers lovers’ thoughts to and fro. February 14, 2016 Melbourne, Australia 20:48 GMT … Continue reading Avian d’Erosã

Behind the Velvety Veil

BEFORE THE VEIL…………………………………………………………………… She pulls him into the room and closes the door, with a hunger that promises insatiability, she pushes him and he falls on the couch. She pounces on him like a tiger and rips off his white T-shirt. He takes hold of her arms, looks deeply into her eyes and asks “Are … Continue reading Behind the Velvety Veil