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I love to write. To paint with words, and draw out more useful meanings from all kinds of human experiences. Kainene; let's see how this goes - I'm only beginning to pay attention to that 'crafty feeling'.
Of Kith and Kin: Free Worshipers

Of Kith and Kin: Free Worshipers

“Mummy, shey we be Christian abi Muslim?” Ibrahim asked his mother. Nkiru, Ibrahim’s mother’s sister, let out a short, spontaneous burst of laughter. “Abi o. Ask your Mama.” Ibrahim’s mother, possessor of the sharpest wit in her father’s house, and a temperament that suffered no fools, promptly answered: “Go ask your Papa.” Ibrahim’s mother – or … Continue reading Of Kith and Kin: Free Worshipers

What Became of Sanusi

Sanusi had the constitution of a bull. Both sides of his head each had an extra ridge, a muscular swelling that broadened his face and gave it a rather ugly look. But his facial skin, though thick as hide, was smooth and clean-shaven. And his head, shaven smooth also, was rounded and shiny and reflected … Continue reading What Became of Sanusi