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I suppose I'm an easy-to-get-along-with kind of person. I'm passionate about writing, maybe because I'm equally a voracious reader. I remember now I started experimenting with story writing while in primary school. While in Secondary school, a friend who'd be ready to do anything to listen to me reel out one of my many fictitious tales in our free periods, suggested i try putting these stories into book forms for others to read. Well, that singular suggestion did something wonderful to my inner man as i suddenly realized I'm cut out to be a writer. Agbenu And The Forest Spirits, an adventurously exciting folktale published by Apex Book, Lagos in 2007 was my first effort in traditional print within Nigeria. I have been writing seriously since then. I hope to published wonderful novels in the years to come. And I also hope I find happiness and fulfillment with the Naija Stories community as a veritable tool for further developing my writing skills. Regards

Review of A Miracle for Daddy by Innoalifa

Sunny Obande’s A Miracle for Daddy: Simple but not Simplistic                                                    By                                  Inalegwu Omapada Alifa Beyond the lucidity of Sunny Obande’s A Miracle for Daddy, this novella presents an average Idoma Nigerian family living in Kaduna. The unfolding of the fictional narrative brings to bear the Christian belief in Miracles. Essentially, the miraculous healing … Continue reading Review of A Miracle for Daddy by Innoalifa

Review of A Miracle for Daddy by Doug Kaze

DougWerld Art, Faith & Society Sunday, March 8, 2015 A Review of Sunny Jack Obande’s A Miracle for Daddy Sunny Jack Obande’s new children story, A Miracle for Daddy, is a heart-touching story about a child battling with the traumatic experience of almost losing his father on his birthday. Otseme, the child-narrator, a seven-year old, … Continue reading Review of A Miracle for Daddy by Doug Kaze

A Miracle for Daddy

Dear friends, I’m so excited to announce to you that my new book, A Miracle for Daddy is finally out! To show my deep appreciation for your supports and words of encouragement during the incubation stage, I will be giving out ten (10) pdf copies in exchange for honest, immediate, helpful and sincere feedback. Please … Continue reading A Miracle for Daddy

Blood On My Hands (Chapter 3)

“Sebi I tell you say this job go change our lives forever?” Virus said and let out a nefarious cackle as he paused from taking a huge bite at what remained of the roasted chicken thigh in his rake-like grip. I couldn’t help but wondered how he was able to manipulate such quantity of food … Continue reading Blood On My Hands (Chapter 3)

Blood On My Hands (Chapter 2)

The house was big, just like in a dream; so ostentatious I almost didn’t believed. I looked around and was really impressed by everything I saw. Some people sha were indeed born with silver spoons, I thought to myself and shook my head in bewilderment. How in the world could this edifice belong to just … Continue reading Blood On My Hands (Chapter 2)

A Bride Too Soon (Chapter 4a)

Ozoko seemed fated to live a life of savagery. The story of his birth and eventual death was as complicated as it was precarious. Oredu, his late father was said to be renowned for his matchless hunting skills. He was one of the best hunters in the whole of Agila, and even the neighboring villages … Continue reading A Bride Too Soon (Chapter 4a)

A Bride Too Soon (Chapter 3)

Ogenyi watched the moon from where he sat on a low wooden stool inside his father’s compound. He felt the beating of his heart quicken with mounting excitement. He was excited because the appearance, in the night sky, of this glowing light from nature’s abundant kindness to humanity was enough indication that the long-awaited moon … Continue reading A Bride Too Soon (Chapter 3)

A BRIDE TOO SOON (Chapter 1)

“When a foolish person is doing something he is not ashamed of, then it is always a difficult task to call him to order.” An old man began a conversation with his friends this way as they sat under the large Afugwu tree near the centre of the village square over kegs of palm wine. … Continue reading A BRIDE TOO SOON (Chapter 1)