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Lagos: The Land Of Lessons

      So yesterday I was robbed. This probably isn’t news to most of my fellow Lagosians but believe me, until it happens to you, it will seem as a trailer from a movie you watch on Netflix or FOX. It was quick, as though it was a rehearsed play for the stage. I … Continue reading Lagos: The Land Of Lessons

The Beggars’ Den

  Walking or driving down the streets of Lagos, it’s no longer a strange trend to see beggars parade themselves in search of alms. In response to their most times very compelling cry, sympathizers hand them different denominations of the Naira but this however doesn’t stop them from calling out to the very next passerby. … Continue reading The Beggars’ Den

He came, He saw but She CONQUERED

  The cunning leopard lurked in the bushes He had eyes on his prey He kept watching…waiting for the perfect time to pounce The clueless gazelle, eyelashes batting, walked gracefully, Peacefully admiring the shrubs…she thought it was beautiful She never would have thought such a beautiful scenery Would harbour something so cruel until she spotted … Continue reading He came, He saw but She CONQUERED

For “Coloured” Friends

  “Here lies our little sunshine, which set too soon when our hearts were not prepared” …those were the words on the tombstone of Tandi. Tandi was my friend and today, she is worlds away and she isn’t coming back. Tandi was a bubbly girl and would always make you see the best in the … Continue reading For “Coloured” Friends

Maale 2: The beginning of the End

    Hello, home away from home! At this point the slogan “there’s no place like home” did not apply to me. I was finally free and my joy knew no bounds. Most importantly, I was away from that woman I called Mother. Studying in a foreign land wasn’t as easy for me at all … Continue reading Maale 2: The beginning of the End