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1980conomics; The NCC Directive

Being dynamic is an important quality that indicates purposeful leadership; The ability to inculcate current best practices to develop, moving with the times while keeping what’s important and discarding what’s not. These are ways in which good leadership could adjust to not just reach their primary responsibilities but surpass them, making them have more value … Continue reading 1980conomics; The NCC Directive

Revisiting Anti-Gay laws

It’s quite easy to stereotype. It eases up the responsibility of explaining. Stating without variations is often much easier than describing exceptions and the whys that follow. Stereotypes do not give room for explanations too. They are cut-in-stone conclusions. The indelible absence of buts design them. All aspects of sexuality has been stereotyped in Nigeria. … Continue reading Revisiting Anti-Gay laws

How “Buharists” Argue 101

The “change” euphoria has come and gone. Now the dysphoria of what a hyper-inflated economy and a seemingly snail-paced government could do to our collective psychology has kicked into full drive. Now majority of us have started losing faith entirely in the Buhari led government. Why not? Arresting and re-arresting of corrupt or non-corrupt politicians … Continue reading How “Buharists” Argue 101

The Burning of a seven year old; More than hashtags.

  I listen to Fela’ quite a lot. I’m one of those weird people who can sing along to almost every of his track. In Sorrow, tears and blood, one of his songs, he posited that Nigerians fear too much. They never take action. They always have an excuse not to join a protest. Either … Continue reading The Burning of a seven year old; More than hashtags.

5 Popular Myths about the NYSC Camp…you probably thought were true

Thursday, 13 October 2016 5 POPULAR MYTHS ABOUT THE NYSC CAMP (you probably thought were true) You’ve probably read a lot of thrills and feels about the NYSC orientation camp online- Except, of course, you exclusively subscribe to just whatsapp data plans, because I doubt if any publisher will devote a paperback to those sort … Continue reading 5 Popular Myths about the NYSC Camp…you probably thought were true

Itunu’s Decision

Itunu struggled to get the Jean past her laps.This was the third time of her trying to get it past her thighs and it wasn’t bulging. She would love to see Barrister Jindu, the divorce lawyer, wearing a Jean, looking less formal but having an air of firmness. A Jean would be perfect, she had … Continue reading Itunu’s Decision

Udin’s grouse…..Episode 4

Omasan was desperately trying  to prevent his eyes from straying to the scales and freckles on the woman’s neck seated by him, but like the proverbial fly that refused all entreaties to abdicate from following a corpse to the grave, his eyes continued to stray towards her neck. He was trying carefully to negotiate a … Continue reading Udin’s grouse…..Episode 4

Udin’s grouse….Episode 3

Ronke stared continuously at the bottle of Fanta she was supposed to be sipping. She stroked the table gently as she stared emphatically. She had thought this through a hundred times, yet, there was still that resistance, that odd voice that told her to call this off now. She shrugged off the voice, again. She … Continue reading Udin’s grouse….Episode 3

Udin’s grouse…..Episode 2

The night was invitingly cold, the trees around were swaying finely, trying as much as possible to dance to the beautiful tune the night was rendering. The skies had few stars adorning it, but it seemed pregnant with harmless clouds, harmless; not the type that heralded rainfall. Some of the sky was crystal clear also. … Continue reading Udin’s grouse…..Episode 2

Udin’s grouse – Episode 1

The sun was scorching as hard as it could that afternoon, it was having relentless fun irking everybody, from the cobbler who was constantly twitching under a poorly built kiosk which was obviously letting in more sunlight than normal to the seemingly distraught student, pacing near the departmental car park. she was obviously waiting for … Continue reading Udin’s grouse – Episode 1