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The service was finally over at the tabernacle, Ness had slept almost throughout as usual. He woke up when the congregation said “amen” after they shared The Grace. Ness did not like church at all, he didn’t believe that there was really something called Holy Spirit that dictates peoples’ lifestyle. According to him, it is … Continue reading Ness (THE HOLY CHURCH)

What hurts man (Part 2 ~Finale~)

Kennedy came out of the kitchen with the tray housing their dinner to meet Bola sitting calmly in the sitting room. After taking a warm bath, she had decided for a loose big long sleeve shirt that looked very large on her over a short black jean. ‘Thank you.’ She said, when Kennedy offered her … Continue reading What hurts man (Part 2 ~Finale~)

What hurts man (PART 1)

Kennedy frowned at his phone and slammed it carelessly on the centre table of his sitting room. He had implemented every technical trick he knew to keep the battery from shutting down so quickly, but all his attempts had gone down the drain. Before the device went off, Ken had; played games with it, listened … Continue reading What hurts man (PART 1)