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Bus 39a When Mama Came To Dublin (2)

contd… ‘…Mama please stop before people start focusing on us unnecessarily…’ ‘Let them focus on us inukwa! gini me? (what about it)… would we drop dead if they focus on us…? Since you moved over here with your husband you have become too quiet and accepting. Even to say what you see with your own … Continue reading Bus 39a When Mama Came To Dublin (2)

Bus 39a… When Mama Came To Dublin

‘Is that the bus we are supposed to enter?’ The elderly woman asked pointing a finger in the direction of some buses parked a few meters away. ‘Yes mama.’ A young woman beside her affirmed. ‘These up and down buses that look like two Ekene Dili Chukwu buses joined together…’ Said the older woman in … Continue reading Bus 39a… When Mama Came To Dublin

Sometimes in our Lives…

One of the most fascinating animal story, I have had the opportunity to closely follow on television is the documentary series of that remarkable group of mammals called Meerkats. These domestic-cat sized animals of the mongoose family whose life and interaction have been captured on camera for television easily ranks among one of my most … Continue reading Sometimes in our Lives…

Worth Of A Nigerian Life

Black skin, mixed skin, Nigerian skin… Engendered, encumbered, endangered. Before cognition, already in recognition By International bodies Used to counting dead bodies, nobodies. The first nutrition is malnutrition Subsequent, by United Nations. At Five, deemed old enough To work on schooldays, on weekdays, on highways. At Ten, you stop to grow and start to know … Continue reading Worth Of A Nigerian Life