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I am an aspiring writer and I have a particular interest in Fiction and Poetry. My first ever book will be due in May 2012 and I run a humorous blog called The Crazy Nigerian
How to make a Hit song in Naija

How to make a Hit song in Naija

So you’ve hustled the streets of Lagos and discovered that there is a growing affiliation towards Nigerian music – you hear it blasting from the cars with lowered windows as the drivers try to conserve fuel (cheapskates) and you also see it from the number of CD singles being sold like hot cake for N150/$1 (street hawkers) . You can’t … Continue reading How to make a Hit song in Naija

Lessons I Learnt From Action Movies and Heroes

When it came to Action heroes, one name lay imbedded in my memory as a teen – ARNOLD SWARCHZENEGGER. In the Eighties when ignorance was bliss, I believed that he and all the subsequent action heroes were not ‘acting’ so to speak. With biceps the size of lunchboxes it wasn’t hard to believe then that … Continue reading Lessons I Learnt From Action Movies and Heroes

Mosquito and me

Mosquito and me

It is the year 2012 and three things are definitely set to rise in Nigeria: The sale of generators, the tension over Boko Haram bombings, and the population of mosquitoes. Yes, these good-for-nothing insects have swarmed the earth since the time of the dinosaurs and specifically the anopheles mosquitoes have been responsible for carrying the deadly malaria … Continue reading Mosquito and me

Blood on the Dancefloor: The Comeback

You get back on your feet, nose bleeding and totally humiliated, you loathe the DJ’s well-timed sense of irony as he switches the music to…wait for it… Michael Jackson’s ‘Blood on the dancefloor’. But you suddenly realize that this is the big break you’ve been waiting for! Thats the kind of music you can step … Continue reading Blood on the Dancefloor: The Comeback

Lover’s ball – Part II

…turbine alight…almost vertical…save beauty…small kiss…hopeless…breaking…soul was taken…<eyes close> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Detached from earth my weepy soul ascends into the sky Up where the angels dwell and the other lucky souls cry Incessant blare of trumpets salute the Almighty one He gazes down on me warmly like a father to a son Golden gates open wide like … Continue reading Lover’s ball – Part II