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A Candle’s Life

A Candle’s Life

Silent stick of flamed crown

With cerebral thread of torture

Your bright crown cuts your life

With unseen blazing blade

A Tower of Ivory to the ants

But, they dare not climb

For your crown is fierce.

Its fury knows no mercy.

Mama lights your crown each night

One, two or three; the more the

Merrier. As you illuminate our

Cocoon, corners and crevice

For A Belle

For A Belle

I’m a man.

A young man with daring desires,

And burning blood in my virile veins.
My stream of emotions overflows with thoughts

Of your dark hair, velvet skin and piercing eyes.

Oh, those vibrating ivory beads around your hips;

Those hips, crafted by Ancestral Art Deities,

Gyrating under the “Anioma” cloth

That hugs firmly with zest and zeal.