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Sex Hunter

She laughed,flashes in sky white thrust at me.Her eyes in smouldering coal ignited same in me.Silence soon grew tall between us,spoke our unspoken words. She inched closer.Her fingers found my frame,taking up the dots on my chest.Bristled hairs uncurled with her touches.She bent over,measured the dots with tip of her lips.Gulps of saliva down her … Continue reading Sex Hunter



We live to wear Furrows gather everywhere Life seems a torment Blood via veins,a current Ageing Rhythms of steps incoherent Miseries lucid and inherent Bent knees torture speed Pains lead and bones heed Ageing Resurrects old habits Cravings wake in bits Nudge us to the margin At fringes hard to imagine Ageing Dredges up the … Continue reading Ageing