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I like to think myself a writer because i know how to play with words like floccinaucinihilipilificate and antidisestablishmentarianism. BTW,what do they mean?


This story “Guilty” was inspired by true twitter events. A young girl has just been killed. All the exhibits and evidence obtained by the Police during investigation pointed to one person – a bitter and disgruntled admirer who could not accept her rejection of his advances. The accused, upon being apprehended, willingly confessed to the crime knowing that he had been caught by the long arms of the Law. But then, a new defense lawyer assigned to him tried to convince him that he had just been set up by the justice system and everything he did, was scripted. At this point, the accused was already offered a plea bargain by the State. Should he accept the plea bargain, plead guilty and get a jail term for manslaughter or refuse the plea bargain and face the death penalty for murder? ‪#‎legalthriller‬ ‪#‎crime‬ ‪#‎suspense‬ ‪#‎fiction‬

How I Met Your Murder 2: Sent To Golgotha

How I Met Your Murder 2: Sent To Golgotha

***** This is a continuation of the series. If you missed the first part, you can read it here. *****   The Man In Black tried opening his eyes, but they felt heavy and sore. All he could see was thick darkness. He could hear some distant noises too, but couldn’t tell what the pandemonium … Continue reading How I Met Your Murder 2: Sent To Golgotha

What Is The Colour Of Your Pant?

Just imagine a world without pants!!! When I say “pant” I am not referring to trouser. I mean pant in the original sense of the word: undies!!! I think the most underrated body wear in the world is the pant. We all can spend good chunk of cash on shirts, skirts, trousers, necklaces, rings, BRAZILIAN HAIR, but go around with just about … Continue reading What Is The Colour Of Your Pant?

The Netherworld (1): Arrival Of The Living Deads

I was subconsciously woken up by the unpleasant cries of agonized voices and foul lingering smells of burnt flesh around me. My tractor-heavy head swayed and my blood-shot eyes tried to open. I felt a zillion pangs of pain shoot through my veins and arteries every millisecond. In my sub consciousness, I could sense the … Continue reading The Netherworld (1): Arrival Of The Living Deads