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The Lost Identity

For a human to die its just a twinkle of an eye.
An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.
We run for our life as we are killed by our very own.
We are back to history when brother kill’s brother like cane and Abel.

We are men in black without suit and tie, so is our strength hidden in dark.
But we have sold our right like isaw and Jacob for a mear plate of rice.
Like a biblical prophecy our neighbouring brothers has forsaken us.
Xenophobia has become our way of life.

Mama Africa, the mother of all blacks, the rainbow nation has spilled our blood.
Your giant hunger for war to cleanse your land.
The song of vengeance play in our hearts.
The weapon of battle receives strength in the hands of our warrior.

Mama, once again the labour of our heroes now burns with the bodies of your children, with our blood as fuel.
We count the bodies of our people like a king counts his wealth.
Mama, your giant has been stabbed and your well is filled with our blood.
The sun has shut it’s light, for the night is angry, shouting at the borders of Africa the heart of we black it’s bleaching white.