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Abducted #16

“I’m so glad you’re alive” Dr. Luke said after Amy concluded her explanation about her car accident and disappearance. He didn’t quite comprehend the whole details, there was loopholes. “Your mom took you from the accident scene without a trace, she kept you away from civilization for weeks after being told by Mr Fletcher to … Continue reading Abducted #16

Echoes From The Past #4

Jane summoned the management board and ceded her position. She didn’t want to be probed because she quit after tying the knot. Mofe being the reason why she quit won’t help the situation, melodrama will only proceed. It’s only a matter of time before Dad is notified, hopefully he will give Tega the company. “You … Continue reading Echoes From The Past #4

Echoes From The Past #3

Jane couldn’t believe her ears, her mouth hanging wide open. She stared at him, Mofe is tranquil waiting for her response. How would she tell her father she wouldn’t be working O’del telecommunication, he gave her with so much enthusiasm. How would she tell Tega to handle Infinity wine alone? How would her family react? … Continue reading Echoes From The Past #3