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Fabian is a graduate of Social Work from the University of Nigeria. He is from Enugu State of Nigeria, and has had his work published in

Timi, My Brother

Timi, My Brother   Timi did not die. No. How could they tell me that a boy of twelve, bubbly in the morning, was dead this afternoon? Was that the way people died? He had left for his own school before me. Sound. Students’ envy could be pernicious. Many of my classmates, in order to … Continue reading Timi, My Brother

A Day of Barbarism

Our principal, a no-nonsense man, was always guided by his word. Last week, he had repeatedly asked us to pay our school fees to avoid dismissal. Some students had complied; others had not. In what he called his own magnanimity, he had given us the grace of extra four days. So when he came to … Continue reading A Day of Barbarism