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The Emeritus Professor

He bursts up into a old popular igbo song having concluded his lengthy syllabus for the semester, with the class joining suit… “Akwukwo na-ato uto O na-arahu na mmuta Onye nwere nkasi obi…” “Sirrr… off me” Dimkpa, one of the popular class guy nicknamed for his huge stature, roared in excitement. Finally, the 6 hours … Continue reading The Emeritus Professor


These days it seems 80% of women are now self proclaimed feminists which would have been wonderful if only most of them knew what it’s all about… Sometime last year I wrote on how the society has continuously sidelined women most especially “The African Woman” and on why we should all be feminists… Women has … Continue reading WHAT IS FEMINISM REALLY All ABOUT?

When will Nigerians stop saying “Up Nepa”

When will Nigerians stop saying “Up Nepa”

My young cousin is exclaiming UP NEPA!!! 3 generations post-independence. This was not the plan. I hope his children won’t too. I cannot promise him that this would not be the case in the next decade if nothing is done about it. Since the 60s our politicians have continually failed to deliver on their promises … Continue reading When will Nigerians stop saying “Up Nepa”

UNN Hostel Diaries

“Mbanefo see tanker!” “Tanker! Tanker!” the boys jeered clapping their hands. ‘From what seemed like the voices of five male students, I suddenly began to feel the tone increase until I could easily agree that I had been surrounded by the entire school each person hitting the metallic rail and singing “Tanker! Tanker!”. There I … Continue reading UNN Hostel Diaries