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I teach because I love sharing knowledge and working with youngsters but I write because that is my purpose; my breath of fresh air. I love writing in all genres but my favourite is the short story. I have been published in a range of print and online media; just type in henry chukwuemeka onyema in any search engine. The best gift God gave us, minus salvation through Jesus Christ, is the Muse.

2-4 zone: EXOTIC RICE

(Not for readers below 18, please). ”Now?” he whispered.   She nodded, her eyes closed by passion. Wordlessly, he stared at the buxom, gloriously big-breasted, long-haired, jet-black beauty in front of him. This was a time for only one language.   He knelt below her stomach, encircled her waist and pulled her close till her … Continue reading 2-4 zone: EXOTIC RICE