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I am Nobody*eyes~aglow?* Yes, you read right. But you already know that *Nobody is perfect*, right?..........So, who am I now? Let's get serious now! I am a two dozen years old undergraduate student of the Federal University in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa, Africa, World, Universe, Galactica......oh mine! What's wrong with me? Well, I love to write and speak in public. I also travel a lot! I am here to read and learn and possibly put up my articles for the house to see. Achievements and awards? Well, I received the Vice Chancellor's Honourary Certificate award for the Top 6 Public Speakers in the nationally televised University of Lagos debate. I also won the university award plaque for public speaking, the Dean of Students' Affairs(former) Prize for Best Faculty Debater, I won the University's 50th Anniversary Debate recently and represented the Institution, alongside others, at the National Students Economic Forum and the National Assembly sitting 2012 in Abuja. I was nominated to be Unilag's Blackberry Brand Ambassador and currently do editorial work for a number of magazines. Like I said, I have a lot to learn and I know it and thatKs why I am here. I do hope to feel at home.
ASUU Strike: Just for Mr President’s Ears – Joshua Oyeniyi

ASUU Strike: Just for Mr President’s Ears – Joshua Oyeniyi

Mr. President, please do not mistake this piece for an attack on your person because it is not. Neither would I want you to see me as one of those attention-seeking people because I am not. Of course, Sir, I am also not the son of any governor, senator,  local government chairman or any political … Continue reading ASUU Strike: Just for Mr President’s Ears – Joshua Oyeniyi

Panacea To Nigerian Graduates Global Irrelevance

Robert Kiyosaki in his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” asked the question, “Does school prepare children for the real world?” “Study hard and get good grades and you will find a high-paying job with great benefits”, parents used to say. But gone are those days! There has been a paradigm shift from focus on paper … Continue reading Panacea To Nigerian Graduates Global Irrelevance