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i bleed my heart out through a pen...or in this case, i got a blood-soaked keyboard. I like to question the norms of life.

Tomb Talk

Freaky decisions made from tipsy opinions correlate with certain unstable incidences that define history. Actions conclude the intent our unsure thoughts proclaim, bad ones announce the entrance of a mistake…a miss stake, one ripple out of many glides towards a repercussion, the 2nd law of Newton if physics entices you. We step blindly into the … Continue reading Tomb Talk


Nigeria’s state of mind the blind leading the blind everybody’s keeping their find we’ve forgotten how to be kind selfishness, basis of our orientation illiteracy, rock of our foundation slowly dying of knowledge starvation parasitic leaders feeding on the ignorance of the people oppression testing the tolerance of the simple burden of humility weighing down … Continue reading Airegin

A Sad Rose

Being forlorn is like wanking to a naked picture of strife it vividly displays the sketchy bitterness of being lost in life i feel so small trying to make sense of it all the dot makes a screeching halt before the end of e’ry explanatory sentence sadly, my world lacks the essence of a presence … Continue reading A Sad Rose

The Random Eyes Of Kagho Harley Akpor

  When i was just a skinny little lad my mother always told me there’d be moments like this. Dimple-making moments, she’d call ’em; sunlight bouncing off corneas, white with innocence and latent dreams, visually persistent diastema before the click of the shutter. A few years later i sentimentally recall them as god googling the … Continue reading The Random Eyes Of Kagho Harley Akpor