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Prima Facie 3

As Anita’s car disappeared into the distance Austin hurriedly retraced his steps back to his apartment. Tucking her pink nylon panty into his back pocket he shouldered open his unlocked door and paced into his flat. Dipping his hand into his rucksack lying beside his study desk he fetched his car keys and hastily made … Continue reading Prima Facie 3

The Evil that Men Do…

Tunde sat with his head in his hands. Tears rolled down his cheeks and splatter on the carpeted floor, leaving wet spots between his bare feet. His mind was in upheaval. Regrets enfolded him. He scrambled to his feet rubbing his bruised knuckles. A clutter of blood-stains on his forearm sent a shivering sensation down … Continue reading The Evil that Men Do…

“Prima Facie” 2

In twelve months they’ve been able to build a relationship that was the envy and dream of any couple. He recalled the first time she professed her love to him. It was at a friend’s birthday party. She kept flashing seductive smiles and winks at him across the table. The party was so crowded they … Continue reading “Prima Facie” 2

“Prima Facie” 1

Austin glowed with absolute happiness as he approached the front porch and took another sniff at the bouquet of roses. He was about to knock on the door when he heard voices. He stopped to listen. Immediately his heart almost stopped beating as he heard the hush-hush voices of a couple heavily petting each other. … Continue reading “Prima Facie” 1

Finding A Reason

With smiles, giggles and arms locked together they strolled into the consulting room. They seemed truly happy together. There was a palpable bond of affection between them. My face lit up and my lips curved into a light as they approached my desk. Cupid! I thought as my heart fluttered mildly. They reminded me instantly … Continue reading Finding A Reason

Just a Little Touch of Love

“The echoes of a dad’s loving touch lingers a lifetime!” Hugs! Pecks! kisses! And a tender gentle touch! Speechless expression of love and affection. … It was exactly 5:35am. There I was seated in the toilet answering nature’s call. In my company was the prerecorded voice of Mr. Muyiwa Afolabi emanating from my wife’s Techno … Continue reading Just a Little Touch of Love

When Time Froze

A gentle subtle smile lit up his tired face as he stood gazing rapturously into the horizon watching the sun rise slowly to herald the dawn of a brand new day. This, for Etim, is one of the defining moments in his decade-long medical career. When all the pain and exhaustion of not only burning … Continue reading When Time Froze

The “Monday” Weekend

It was a Monday. And as usual time had dragged. However, the work day finally came to a close. As I packed my books and laptop into my back-pack there was only one dominant thought on my mind – SLEEP! The fatigue of the studious weekend and the long night stayed with me all through … Continue reading The “Monday” Weekend