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Goodbyes Are Not Forever…4

  There was a pregnant pause. Mrs. Akigbe had tears running down her cheeks. “Ordinarily I would say no outrightly, but these kids deserve much better than this. For this reason only, will I promise to look out for them.” For the first time since being there, the corners of her mouth lifted into a … Continue reading Goodbyes Are Not Forever…4

Goodbyes Are Not Forever…3

  It was this incident that knocked the wind out of Michael’s sail. He wasn’t the same again for a long time. He withdrew to himself. Outside of his family, he would only communicate with Uka. He stopped participating in class activities and his school work suffered. Both his class teacher and headmistress knew something … Continue reading Goodbyes Are Not Forever…3

Goodbyes Are Not Forever… 1

Uka and Michael were best friends. Growing up together was filled with fun and adventure; it was not surprising Michael featured in most, if not all of her tales: They had  known each other since she was three. He was a really great friend and Uka knew she loved him because she felt responsible for … Continue reading Goodbyes Are Not Forever… 1

Questioning The Bonds of Friendship

It is true that as parents we are the architects of our children’s take on life. While many try very hard to do their best, there are still some who don’t quite make the mark. Unfortunately the right to procreate has been given to all; as HE does not discriminate. Success in parenting the right … Continue reading Questioning The Bonds of Friendship