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FAMOUS ISAACS is a Nigerian photographer and poet
BEHIND (Traditional: written in melancholic solitude)

BEHIND (Traditional: written in melancholic solitude)

I live behind the planet of your heart

It’s where you have placed me:

I am Pluto

On whom the rays of your love never smiles


But I am part of you

The way childhood is part of old age

You cannot separate a coin from the image on it

Neither glories from godliness


You leave me behind and make amorous exploits

You shine your torch asunder and watch me

Travel- lost. Doomed. There is no glory in dying

You have turned faceless like The Man

The beautiful ones are not yet born


What love is love, if this is the way to love, my love?

Turn a turn. Look behind. My tears stalk you every hour

The right way to turn when lost, is right

Behind, here, I stand

Take the right turn and come be part of me:


Come be my eagle on the coin; come make me be a child again

The charm of your love has boundless abilities