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Christopher Bamidele, a Nigerian through and through. I currently work in a TV station, Ebonylife Television, DSTV Channel 165. I am an amateur writer and writing for me is a hobby, but a very huge one I would like to improve on.

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 9)

A myriad of thoughts ran through Shade’s mind, she tried to stabilize herself by leaning on the wall with one hand and holding her stomach with the other, she tried to think of a reason why Giorgio would spike her drink, she believed everything she had done to Giorgio had been kept in secret and … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 9)

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 8)

Hello guys, last time, Shade announced she was pregnant, but who is responsible? I hope this episode will provide us some answers or lead us in the direction at least. Shade stood in one spot unmoved, with arms folded across her heaving bosom; her hazel eyes pleadingly fixated on nothing in particular as she stared … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 8)

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 7)

4 MONTHS AFTER “Dude, you can’t be serious, you mean I don’t know what I am saying? I am not sure of what I saw?” Benny touched his chest as he bellowed; pacing between the dining area and the couch where Giorgio was sitting calmly, he was clad only in shorts and singlet; his legs … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 7)

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 6)

The silence in the doctor’s office would be impregnable, but for constant measured sound coming from Benny’s shoes impact on the tiled floor. Shade sat on a chair beside the doctor’s table, making her having angled eye contact with Thunder and Joan, both of whom were sitting directly opposite the doctor, anytime she looked up … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 6)

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 5)

Hello once again, my wonderful readers. Last time, we were all eager to know what happened to Giorgio after that horrific accident on the third mainland bridge; well, today’s episode provides the answer. GENERAL HOSPITAL IKEJA Monica was asleep on the bench in the waiting room when someone tapped her on the shoulder. “Aunty, aunty…” … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 5)

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 3)

Giorgio stood still and closed his eyes, unable to bring himself to look at Shade kneeling before him, he loved her still, but letting her back into his life after she broke up with him without any explanation would be illogical. He remembered sending her countless text messages since she would not pick his call … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 3)

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 2)

The shock written all over Giorgio’s face soon gave way; gradually metamorphosing into heavy grief electric with anger and indignation. Monica was the last person he expected to see at his door; she had never been to his house and he didn’t remember seeing her in the last two years after she thoroughly embarrassed him … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 2)

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 1)

George turned in his bed as the alarm buzzed on his Nokia phone; he picked up the phone lying on the rug, hissing and muttering under his breath “today is Saturday, why is this fucking alarm going off by 5:30am?” he pressed the stop button on his phone, scrolled down to ‘repeat alarm function’ and … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 1)