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He is a poet, a filmmaker, the founder of Viddawood, and a Singer.

Not So Long A Letter (the movie)

An interview By Darlington Chukwunyere Chima Igbokwe was keen to talk about his nine year old movie project “Not So Long a Letter”. Not so long a Letter is a movie written, designed and directed by Chima Igbokwe. This “baby” took him a whooping nine years to nurse, and from the look of things, Not … Continue reading Not So Long A Letter (the movie)

Don’t Wear Me a Mask!

Three angels descended, bearing gifts for a modern Nigerian girl named Chinwendu. The angels met a certain girl, a perfect fit for the description, but they couldn’t recognize her face — Chinwendu now goes by Wendy. Dissatisfied, the angels returned with their gifts to the creator. Once again, the creator sent the angels back with rewards … Continue reading Don’t Wear Me a Mask!

Mama You Are the Enemy!

I remember a certain glass verse stuffed with colourful hibiscus ravishing and riveting “don’t touch this vase, I starved to buy it” mama would always warn. But I was just ‘five’ curious, adventurous, dexterous. One day, Mama returned from daily hustles, met the glass vase in fragments. An unintentional booboo. Spurred by ingenious curiosity. It … Continue reading Mama You Are the Enemy!

No, not without Billy!

I woke up, covered in a fog of turquoise-white and maroon-gold. I could remember me and Billy, my crazy pit-bull, were walking a lonely mountain track. The unruffled breezy clouds perched on my skin, I nipped them in my imagination. They felt as nothing I’ve ever touched or tasted, just an epitome of immaculate flamboyance…every fine … Continue reading No, not without Billy!

Neither Here Nor There

What a fiery beauty you have become! My brother, fruit of my father’s loins. Auspicious, Beautiful, Promising. Thence came our crossroads. You chose West I chose home. I dine amala and ewedu I wine fura and nunu, Ugba and palmwine are priceless to me. But you. Yes you! You washed away your colours. You embraced … Continue reading Neither Here Nor There

We Are Oliver Twists

  A street hawker in Port-Harcourt prays that God provides heavily congested traffic A rich man in Lagos prays to avoid every congested traffic All these people are children of God After all, whether from the church or mosque, they both pray to the same God At this point I would ask if God shall … Continue reading We Are Oliver Twists

I Killed Him

I had been married for 15 years, no issue to show for it. I was so frustrated and concerned as I was nearing menopause; but to my amazement, my husband was not so bothered at all. My husband’s family began mounting so much pressure on him to take a second wife, but he refused. This … Continue reading I Killed Him

Every Man Has a Price.

Michael ran his fingers through his foaming beards as if he was doing a head-count for his hairs. The spray tube sprinkled waves of gentle bubbles of warm water at his face… and indeed, the warm bath suited his mood and was exactly all he needed to seal his long day. His wife’s birthday was … Continue reading Every Man Has a Price.

Mad Game

“Honey, I’m sorry. I can’t explain what pushed me… we did it only five times… ever since I’ve been wanting to stop, but I just cant. I’m so sorry, don’t know what pushed me into cheating on you…” “Hahaha, no honey… I know you’re joking. Me too I’m just pulling your legs. Sorry for having … Continue reading Mad Game

That Line between Love and Lust

Beside being the most dedicated staff of a multinational Oil Company in Nigeria, Michael was also the best husband in the whole world as long as Rita was concerned. His combination of affection and dedication to both work and marriage had become such an impeccable feat that she was overwhelmed in Nuptial bliss. Subsequently, Michael was … Continue reading That Line between Love and Lust