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Machina: AGADA

“Cut” “No cutting” “Who said that?” “Masozi.” “Another county heard from” “Why is he talking? He’s sedated…Yes? Cut!” “No cutting.” “Masozi is that you?” “Yes. Slice, just slice…. no cutting.” “Give us a break Masozi! If the injection isn’t working at least pretend you are sedated.” “I’ll try to.” “Okay. Now, Kwabena listen to this, … Continue reading Machina: AGADA


Seeded dreams in the cornrows of her hair, sprout in the moonlight of the bed where Ala* lay dead. Global warming between her legs. We’d torn the compass from her head, got lost in the thickness of her braids and gave her a perm. Built crude castles with the tar sands of her years, sandbanks … Continue reading Ala

Diary notes: The Raeberry Street inmate

Half formed thoughts Still birthed, they haunt My mind their play ground In greyed corners they abound Remnants of a creation lost Death should be their conception thus Yet they partake of actions formed And now randomness becomes DATE-LINE: 14/08/2010 The old man sits, pipe in mouth beneath a tree, watching the kid, prancing about … Continue reading Diary notes: The Raeberry Street inmate

About an Author and his Inmates.

About an Author and his Inmates.

“What’s up? What are you doing here?” “What are you yourself doing here?” “Typical Nigerian, answering one question with another.” “Abeg free me jor“. “Talk naa, what are you really up to?” “Ok. Mmmm…I am here just for the fun and yeah… to cause trouble.” “Humph! For fun, I hope not at other people’s expense.” … Continue reading About an Author and his Inmates.