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Claude is a writer with diverse interests. He is also an artist, architect and editor of an online architectural journal. He has written many short stories and has a published thriller called "...And the Night Hissed" which is currently available online and in local bookstores and has been commended for its unique approach to slavery and West African history. Claude is currently working on new projects.

…And the Night Hissed (A Critical Review)

And the Night Hissed chronicles the expedition of a group of slave drivers in what is now known as Southwestern Nigeria. The story spans three weeks approximately, detailing slave raids from one town to the other, with the approval of a powerful royal accomplice. Enraged by loss, betrayal, ego, and disappointment, the group decides to … Continue reading …And the Night Hissed (A Critical Review)

IGBO IRUMOLE (Final excerpt from …And the Night Hissed)

CHAPTER ELEVEN We stood at the fringes of Igbo Irumole and gazed at it in awe. It was late afternoon on June 28, 1806. Nobody moved as we marveled at the dense forest before us. It was obvious that very few had dared explore its thick undergrowth for it still looked virgin. There were towering … Continue reading IGBO IRUMOLE (Final excerpt from …And the Night Hissed)

DARE TO KNOW (Excerpt from …And the Night Hissed)

CHAPTER FIVE The shrine loomed ahead. A saturnine mud structure built in isolation—far away from any village or huts in the area—on the brow of a craggy hill. It was hidden from sight by wild banana and pawpaw trees but our eagle-eyed Captain caught sight of it as we passed and, piqued with curiosity, marched … Continue reading DARE TO KNOW (Excerpt from …And the Night Hissed)

…And the Night Hissed (excerpt)

CHAPTER ONE June 16th, 1806 was our date with destiny. After nearly six turbulent weeks at sea, we should have been grateful at the sight of terra firma. We had just survived a raging storm and, a few days earlier, bouts of the flux among crew members. This had generated much concern over the sanitary … Continue reading …And the Night Hissed (excerpt)

Her Name is Amina (Part 2)

They scowled at her. It was then she recognized their faces. Both were local hunters- probably on morning patrol following rumours of a possible ‘Boko Haram’ attack on the village. In her state, Amina was too terrified to greet. Neither party exchanged pleasantries. From their expressions however, it was clear they disapproved of her presence … Continue reading Her Name is Amina (Part 2)