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There is a young intellectual and a spiritual dynamite ready to explode. his name Chris Nwogu I'm fueled by a dream that only a few with strong minds and character could understand. An undying part of me is an uncontrollable envisioning of an image of my very self, trapped in a vacuum with people of great minds, mapping out reality to set the world free. A distinct dimension of me is that I've got it all to give, only that I have to ponder on it awhile hence the god of asunder will be forced to reckon with it 'forever. Many would characterized me an introvert: these are those who haven't 'survived' the breaking down of the seemingly stern wall built around me. I am not and never cocooned in a of web of egotism -- there's a Supremacy working and waiting to confirm a deep sense of truism! a young and up coming poet . i love poetry to the core. when am not near the girl I love; I love the girl am near.