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Nelson charity john. Fictional writer and poet. Also a versatile reader.

Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

You should have been there, between the clumps of misery, and contrasting reality. You should have been there, at that threshold that restrained everything. We were certain We’d run Mad. Clothes peeling,Lungs blaring mad. At those Moments when You should have been there. Ever heard Cricket Croo-Crooing in an Uptown town? Mingled with sweat sounds. … Continue reading Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

Romance Could Be Hilarious- 2.

The nightclub was alive. The kind of ‘Lagos friday night alive’, if not for his sure and guiding arms , wound round her, Tina was sure she would have bumped hard, into one of the many dancers on the dance floor. A slim girl with long multi – coloured braids, reaching down to her slim … Continue reading Romance Could Be Hilarious- 2.