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Heaven Is A Mind State

‘Heaven is a mind state, I have been there a couple of times’ Jide mumbled under his breath. “Stay with me bro!” I looked into the rare mirror; he is sprawled on the back sit counting imaginary stars. “If you are seeing Jesus at the moment bro, tell him not to open the gates of heaven yet,” I laughed at my own joke. Jide on the other hand is too busy with Visiting … Continue reading Heaven Is A Mind State

Dead Lions Don’t Roar.

“For the sake of next year’s election, we need to do this Mister President” The special adviser to the president. The room went silent, sited on the round table are high-ranking politicians and military personals. I felt like bagging into the room and killing everyone them, port bellied idiots, it would be considered treason, at … Continue reading Dead Lions Don’t Roar.

Short story: “Ralia The Sugar Girl” (chapter 1)

Life I have heard is hard out there in the big cities, father has been gone for the past ten years in search of greener pasture after the death of mother. Uncle John my fathers brother has been good to me, but then his wife, Iya Uzo is my biggest problem, she treats me like … Continue reading Short story: “Ralia The Sugar Girl” (chapter 1)

The seven seas

The Seven Seas: Chapter Seven

“So…..will they tell us about the prophecy?” Adetutu said as they got down from their rides, when no one answered she continued, “they can’t send us to go grab–” “Who are you” a voice boomed from the cabin in front of them, “show your identity” They all brought out there necklace and showed it to … Continue reading The Seven Seas: Chapter Seven

The seven seas

The Seven Seas: Chapter Six

For the past six days everything looked normal. Except for the rising tension among the campers, and the warriors coming in every minute, what they are going to face out there is still partially unknown. The only thing they know is that their enemies are big people, and very strong, and to their own advantage … Continue reading The Seven Seas: Chapter Six