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i have been writing since i was 10. I write from politics to fiction; memoirs and even biography. Recently i found a source that makes you want to continue writing and there is no way u can run out of ideas when you u really want to know?

The Fractured Bliss

Fractured bliss The rain came early in April, the weather was cold (due to the rain) and questions about the previous night was hovering the air. The place was filled with people jostling for firsthand information. The police were everywhere searching for the best and possible report from anyone who was willing to give.   … Continue reading The Fractured Bliss

Issues Of Their Time Are Still The Issues Of Our Time

NIGERIA is the most populous black Africa nation; she is also the most prosperous nation in the history of the black world. Somehow, this affluence has not brought with it, the much desired happiness. Rather, we are faced with many problems – tribal tensions and lack of trust; poverty amid plenty; decaying cities; pollution of … Continue reading Issues Of Their Time Are Still The Issues Of Our Time