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A Poet/Author, Physician.

Let’s Not Love, Let’s Live

Words for love are not always musical They are often less melodious Full of inaudible chitchats Incomprehensible lullu-lulla, hubbi-hobbi The world of love, the world unsure The realm of love, the realm unreal The sphere of love is truly not a perfect circle Sometimes hilly, sometimes plateau but often gully Love unfeigned goes to the … Continue reading Let’s Not Love, Let’s Live

Real Love Story . . . The Merciful God

  The young physician, moved by a great sense of passion, he went further and addressed God, though with an intended wild bitterness and anguish of his heart, but his spirit speak the words faster and piously that he could bring himself to understand. He said “Oh God, if You were merciful, in Your illimitable … Continue reading Real Love Story . . . The Merciful God