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Pierce me, and see only drops of love seeping out
Treading water

Treading water

I sat there at a corner of the teacher’s podium, slightly irritated at the charade going on before me. I and the other teachers were parading with our widest smiles, kissing up to the proudly delusional parents and their snotty Wards at today’s School Open day. I had already catered to about a dozen of … Continue reading Treading water

Dare to Dream

Dearly beloved: Tonight, three things will happen: all three unfortunate, all three avoidable. Tonight, in an obscure village somewhere in the vast lands called Nigeria, a faceless child will die a senseless death (the latest casualty of that long war against the hordes of Malaria, polio, typhoid…) because someone in an obscenely decorated mansion had … Continue reading Dare to Dream