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My Valentine’s Day Story…

This year would have taken me to the pinnacle of my love career; unfortunately, it didn’t!!! I woke up this morning (Feb. 14) with three lovely options for a val. Lucky me right??? I have always believed in the prophecies of my pastor, Pastor … okay you don’t need to know his name. But when … Continue reading My Valentine’s Day Story…

My Love Epistle

Only once have I felt this way. She was sitting on the adjacent column, a few seats to my left. I can’t remember what took my attention to that direction as I stood, gisting with my friends while we waited for the next class to begin. Whatever it was, thank you! I became transfixed immediately … Continue reading My Love Epistle

The Return of the Visitor

I cannot vividly remember the last time it visited. I think I was still in Secondary school then; basking in the flamboyance of my teenage pride (that was just to challenge Wole Soyinka, hehehe…). The visit was however short-lived as I managed to get a hold of it and overpower it’s disgraceful intent; knocking it … Continue reading The Return of the Visitor

The Loventures of Adewale 3

Please read up part two here In a few months Wale was promoted to senior secondary school class 3 together with his friends and he had been made the library prefect. His friend Tunde, was made the labour prefect. None of his other friends were given any positions. They were in their usual gossip meeting … Continue reading The Loventures of Adewale 3

The Loventures of Adewale

Wale’s heart was beating fast, so fast that he thought it was going to race out of his chest. His hands were sweating profusely, threatening to drown his Nokia 3310® but not as much as the ocean of salty liquid that had gathered on his chest and armpit. It was almost a minute since he … Continue reading The Loventures of Adewale

This world is not simple

Sometimes, I just lie down on my bed and begin to ruminate on issues and experiences. On this particular day, this is what I thought about. It might not pass for a story, but should be an interesting read… enjoy! There are no simple things in this life. Things are simple because we assume them … Continue reading This world is not simple