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Unfulfilled Promises 12

The following day being Monday, Oleng had to go back to school. Her third term promotion exams were the following week but she couldn’t read. She kept remembering that night and that Eric was leaving in two days. She couldn’t tell Zinny and Marvy what transpired between Eric and her that night. It seemed too … Continue reading Unfulfilled Promises 12

Unfulfilled Promises – 11

Oleng and Eric spent everyday together after his exams. Time was running out for them and each day felt like their last. Eric had just days left to spend in Nigeria. He didn’t feel like going to the graduation party organized by his classmates that Saturday but he felt he needed to because that would … Continue reading Unfulfilled Promises – 11

Unfulfilled Promises 6

Oge was no longer smiling. Her friends came towards her with great eagerness. They asked what happened but she just shook her head and left them sadly. “Oleng! Sunshine! Where are you?” Eric called as he ran. He had suddenly lost her in the bustling school. It was break time so there were a lot … Continue reading Unfulfilled Promises 6