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Poochy Coo III

Two-Zero —- “Sebastian, Bastian for short”, was often how he liked to introduce himself. Tall, suave and handsome, the student of international relations and allied diplomatic studies was a regular with the ladies. Lately though, Bastian had little inclination towards these “daughters of eve” as he called them. His final year exams were fast approaching, … Continue reading Poochy Coo III

Bane of my Bone; Stress of my Flesh

You do not want to take too much of a direct approach when trying to tell your Igbo relatives about the fact that you don’t intend to get married. I believe I can take the liberty of saying that the same applies to any Nigerian family as well; cutting across tribe, and the parameter of … Continue reading Bane of my Bone; Stress of my Flesh

How the Witches Follow You from the Village

The title says it all, folks. ***This has the purview of, but is not limited to, familiar spirits, karishikas, mammy and pappy waters, (with other loyal subjects of the marine kingdom), annoying neighbours, oga’s wife/husband, mother-in-laws, haters, frenemies, stalkers and famzers, gold-digging boyfriends/girlfriends, as well as the sour-faced old man/woman who lives at the end … Continue reading How the Witches Follow You from the Village

Why You Shouldn’t Write for Free

(That’s for if you’re any good at writing, though.) Now, this article isn’t necessarily about money, and it’s certainly not some silly annoying dime-a-dozen post about how to make unrealistic amounts through blogging (don’t you just hate those?); heck, as a matter of fact, this write up is anything but! It’s the exact opposite, actually, … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Write for Free