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For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a writer.The inspiration to write has always been there. It was there when i read the children's classic "The Ugly Duckling" as a child, it was still there years later when i read my first John Grisham novel "A Time to Kill" and as I have realised, it will always be there. So after many years of procrastination, false starts and impostor syndromes I am finally ready to share my stories with you. Along the way I also developed a passion for natural health and beauty solutions. I know typically one should focus on one niche but I just can't help including articles about herbs, oils and natural DIY's. So if you don't mind learning about the best herbs/oils for skincare/healthcare while also reading stories about love, then journey along with me. It'll be our special adventure. Lets go! adeabdul

There Was A Country

There was a country There was hope It was a new leaf A new dawn. Finally The children’s future were bright. And brothers envisaged posterity. Well, why wouldn’t it be? Liberty, after calamity would only birth prosperity. Alas! That vision wouldn’t become history. For verily, As the ghouls were cast out. Demons arose! Greedy, callous … Continue reading There Was A Country