What was my Fault?

What was my Fault?

I feel like my world is ending, despite my feet holding fast in standing.

The injuries I gained, are now part of my soul even though I didn’t faint.
Why these words now?
Why do you have to wet my bed without conscience?
What offence have I committed seeing that I have nothing ommitted.?

Now I just have to live in a memory without you near me.
I got too weak to speak, even when I woke so early.
The thought of you not here is the nightmare I was never afraid of.
I could watch you smiling even when you had to run off.
Cracking your ribs as we both watch the corns pop up.
Tickling your ribs as you even try to shake off.

If words can bring you back, I’ll say them like the tree’s bark.
I’ll miss you! Yes! I’ll miss you!
But what was my fault that u never had to tell me, yet you still have to leave me with my worst illusion??
I want you back, cause I Love You!!!

Edward Benedict

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