We are all equal in face of the virus

In the face of this virus, we are all equal- the rich and the poor, developed and underdeveloped nations, multi-billion dollar corporations and smallest scales of businesses, the geniuses and dullards, males and females, young and old, white and black, the well-learned and the illiterates, the religious and the atheists, kings and slaves, the celebrities and the fans…….

Humanity is faced with one of the greatest threats in the history of our world. At the moment, it’s better to be a plant than being humans. No-one is bold enough to say he will see the end of this struggle for survival.

If we ever survive this global menace, we should learn to see no-one as superhuman or sub-human based on position, wealth, fame, nationality, sex, age, race, influence, intelligence and opportunities.

We are all humans, we are all equal.

-Felix Kolapo.

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