Remaining true to yourself, and faithful to your backstabbers is the ultimate way to keep your detractors perpetually in your shadow.

For in being true to yourself, your ideals remain and abide.

Your way shines bright, and brighter as it dusts off the shades of lies, calumny and distrust spewed by the impish fellows.

You must always remember, truth is immortal.
No matter the onslaught, it lives.
If you cannot be the truth, be at least with the truth. It will help you to find your way. It will lead the way.

Like an orgasmic surge, the emotional strength of lies and evils are usually short-lived.

For those who succumbed to its uninhibited surge and deluge, it will momentarily inhibit their 6th sense.

Makes them flagellate like a fur in a gale.
No straw to grap let alone a spine to stand as a man.

As quick as the gale, their euphoric gliding ceased.

Their spongious senses drained of its dark gall. To themselves and of their own, the bitterness abides.

You; your elixir, is the truth. Whenever it tastes bitter, it’s for your own good.
It cures you of perpetual agony of having to always look over your shoulders.
It serves to you like a neck collar, always keeping your chin raised.
Unashamed nor bashful!

Truth straighten your spine, makes you a real man.
It broaden your chest, to stand before kings.
Truth makes you a man of yesterday today and the days to come!

To yourself, be true,
It’s the only right thing to be; being truthful to self.



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