The Youth And The Country: Unemployment

The Youth And The Country: Unemployment


The problem of unemployment has gone viral over the years in our country. It has been one of the major problems that this country has suffered over the years. No work for the youths and those who are supposed to resign from their various departments in the government sector has failed to do so because they believe that there are blank spaces in the world beyond where they work. They are afraid of the payment of their pension by the government, so therefore, they occupy the space made for the youths. They fail to resign rather they employ P. As who will be doing the work while they relax collecting the money then they pay peanuts to the P.A. It heart breaking seeing a full grown man and a graduate for that matter, roaming the street of Lagos, Abuja, PH and some other major cities in Nigeria. They roam about with their certificates, properly dressed with their designer shirts moving from one firm to another seeking for employment. they could be offered a job of fifty thousand naira which cannot hold their body and soul together but they have no option but to manage it.

It is disheartening to see a graduate in the street searching for this dream job without knowing that all those jobs opportunities promised are illusion and mirage. They don’t exist in this side of the world and the world to come. Firms will still abuse young graduates, they will still look for people with 10 years’ experiences and those with 20 years’ experiences to employ. And this come to mind: if they seek for only those that have these experiences, what happens to those fresh graduate from our universities? Where would they fit in in the labour market? How would they get their own experiences after the so called NYSC service and those abnormal theories taught in our schools? Where? The fact that the government could not generate or build a number of films that could help for these issues of unemployment, how could we combat these issues of unemployment in our society?

I was a victim of this hunt for job when I just graduated from the university so as my brothers and sisters and, some of my friends. I trekked from Oshodi to Ikotun searching for jobs, from Ikotun to Ikeja under the hot blazing sun submitting CV. After submitting your credentials to these firms, they would promise to get back to you but at the end of the day, you won’t see their calls and Your C.V remain on their desks. These are the plights of our brothers in the street of Lagos and other part of Nigeria. You won’t blame these firms because they might be trying to balance their paper work minding the number of people could pay. How would they pay you if they employ you? How would they restrict or lay off those old women and men on their list?

I have worked in a factory owned by Indians where Nigerians are beaten. They don’t correct you your mistake, make any mistake and you are beaten by the supervisor who happens to be an Indian. He would hit you with an iron steel and nobody will talk. Other Nigerians would keep quiet because no one wants to be sacked. I worked there for just a month and I left because of the beatings and the way they treat us in our own country. I believed that those things can and would never happen in India no matter how much you’re paying to their government as a tax. You won’t dare your hand on any of their citizens without them fighting you back but here in Nigeria, the government won’t do anything even if the issue is reported to the appropriate head; they won’t. you spent four years in the university, you spend another one year serving your father’s land and the rest of other years you spend it hunting for job in the street of Nigeria. The government of the day end up calling you lazy. Saying you have no future or dream. When will things get better?

Many of these problems have made many to think that the easiest way to make it in life is the so called Yahoo and Betting. And some others think that going abroad is the best place to make money and live a better life. They learn to break themselves, cure themselves and dream beyond a faithless investment which will later hurt them in life. We tried to find some reasonable facts to back it up. If the composite issues remain the order of the day this shows that our government has failed us entirely. We have lost all we stand for as a country. If these little things cannot be handled by the government of the day, I wonder what the future of this country will look like in days to come. Our ultimate goal as people should be how to savage these situations. Create a nation whose motivate is to generate and uplift its youths because they are the future and the leaders of tomorrow.

Nigerian youths are faced with the identical dilemma of surmounting many hurdles of growing up to be responsible citizens, and leaving up to the billing of being ‘leaders of tomorrow’ as constantly mouthed by successive governments. The former may be termed natural, while the latter can easily be classified as man made.

if we as people fail to retract our footsteps as to show these youths the right routes to follow, it would be extremely difficult to convince any right-thinking member of the youth in the society that the resolution is not a ploy to encourage government to get away with molesting the pride and future of these youths. Arguably, we are globally aware that we own the world as leaders of tomorrow. We should find a way of giving confidence to those who look up to us as their leaders not abandoning them to rot in misconception of the future. We failed to understand that life without the youths is as useless as a life without breath. How we manage the consequences that implies in this fate remained our ultimate goal that should be driven with a ultimate believe. We should let our lives reflects our actions. Let’s create a position for these young ones that would stand in our possible when tomorrow comes and we are no more on the surface of the earth to bear witnesses to those things that we did, these younger ones would be here on earth to follow our leads or rather stand to defend those legacies we have built. The youths are our tomorrow, the curators of our blueprints. Neglecting of those plantation of thoughts are the instruments of destruction that might end up face country if care is not take. We should be strong in win, battle these issues of unemployment in the land by creating or building more factories, firms that could provide job opportunities to the job.

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