The Outcast 1

I took a quick look at the clock across the classroom,it was 4:45pm
“just 15min more” i thought to myself.
Akin Olufemi is my name,i come from a family of 5.i’m the second born among my 3 brothers,i am what most people call ‘SHORT’, i’m also kinda of a nerd,but not an ‘IN-YOUR-FACE-NERD’.it was because of my ‘height’ i started reading books at a young age,they have always been my rockstead,and have fuelled my imagination for as long as i could remember.
anyways,back to the story

i was so caught in my thoughts that i didn’t hear afolabi martins the time keeper, ring the bell for closing time,i quickly packed all the books on my desk into the coffee brown bag i could my own.i left with the multitude of students leaving the school premises.i quickly branched at saint john’s primary school,which was a stone throw from convay secondary school(my school),i picked my little brother daniel,unlike the rest of us,daniel took after our mum’s fair complexion,while i&my elder brother ayo,took after dad’s dark skin……

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