The Mountain View

The Mountain View

I become alive when by your side. Without you, my days are so hard that I could die.

I’d sacrifice it all, just say the word. But you distance me and lock it up.

All I wanted was to run away with you. Instead you gave me was this mountain view.

Of solitary days and frozen nights. Evergreen trees, no one in sight.

Loving in isolation and living in tragedy. No time to play out our true love story.

We could have had a home and lived a real good life. But instead you damned us both to live out this lie.

My soul yearns for you and you don’t even know it. My heart beats for you and you tell me not to show it.

Again you’ve set the stopwatch and the timer runs forth. We’ve barely touched once now you’re headed up north.

I reached out to hold you but our window closes. I needed you deeply but you loved me in doses.

I try to leave you but my soul quakes. I could never quit you we are soul mates.

Sometimes I miss you so much that I can hardly stand it. You keep me on this short leash and I can hardly bear it.

I don’t know how much more of this that I can take. I’m nothing, I’m nowhere without you everyday of everyday.

You have no idea how bad it gets. I’m broke dead again until we’re back here.

Holding me, loving you, under the misty eyes of our mountain’s view.

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