The Loveless Night 1


Sandy was pretending with her book again. Staying late in the ICT lab, long after classes have ended. While the entire school was out partying, dining and drinking in the euphoria of that lovers’ day.

St. Valentines’ Day.

That dreadful day was here again. With its chocolates, flower bouquets, romance, love songs and that annoying baby angel: cupid. It was all so absolutely revolting. Revolting, because she was always ignored. Valentines’ day is everything a love hopeful could ever ask for. But Sandra Uchenna was not a love hopeful. She, a plain-looking girl with large eyes and hair like pineapple that defiantly stuck out from her head no matter how much relaxer she dabbed onto it. And worse off she had a nearly flat chest and backside, so sexy is out of it. Sometimes when she wore her jeans or pants people often mistook her for a guy from behind. So as far as valentines’ day goes she wasn’t a bull eye for most guys.

Her best friend Yetty, on the other hand, was a bombshell. Yetunde Amoo is every Romeo’s dream love and every Casanova’s dream catch. She had a busty chest and a hot ass, with small sexy cat eyes to die for. And hair that gracefully falls in submission across her perfect oval-shaped face whenever she adds only a touch of relaxer to it.

These two have been best friends since high school with Yetty, who didn’t care much for boys initially, getting all the romantic attention since her ripening in J.S.S.3. While Sandy, who has been dreaming of boys and romance and marriage since her primary school days couldn’t even get a “hello” from guys, not to mention a date.

She became so ignored that she by their senior years she had lost all confidence in talking to guys. So when she’d eventually fancied a guy, Yetunde offered to do the talking. That backfired though. Because then all the guys Yetty talked to, eventually ended up fancying Yetunde. She would never forget when Yetty offered to talk to Seun on her behalf. Seun then the newly transferred student with quiet half-caste features. So Yetunde walked up to him and they talked for longer than necessary and later she came back saying:

“It is done; he will see you later.”

But he took his time to ‘see her later’ and so she summoned up the courage to meet him herself and when she did he said:

“Oh, I’m sorry but I changed my mind. It is your friend Yetty that I like.”

That was when she believed guys would never go for her. Because she was not pretty like Yetty.

Their University days were much worse, even after putting more effort; like makeup and stylish hairdos and clothes, it just never seemed to attract guys. While Yetty just seemed to be swimming in her Mecca of men.

But still, they remained friends and when Yetty found her pouting that fateful Val’s day she asked:

“Babe, what is the problem now?”

“Woh, leave me jare. It is nothing.”

“Ahn Ahn, tell me now.” She insisted.

“Look, Yetty, you won’t understand so just leave it.”

“Hey, I don’t like it o! You are obviously upset and I want to know what’s wrong, as your friend, and you are telling me that I won’t understand. Are you saying that I am not smart or what? Even if I’m not brilliant at IT like you. why wouldn’t I understand?”

“Ahn Ahn, Haba Yetty. I didn’t mean it like that now…”

“Then how did you mean it, ehn? Bookworms like you, are always looking down on the rest of us.”

“Chei, Yetty. Wetin bring that one now?” Yetunde was pouting now and said

“I was asking you what the problem is and you were…” Sandy interrupted her.

“Okay, sorry sorry. Come on now. I said I’m sorry. Oya I will tell you. What I meant was… Yetunde, I am lonely.” She said despite her embarrassment.

“Ahn Ahn, but we hang out all the time now?”

“That’s not what I meant. I mean I don’t have a boyfriend. Even years after high school. And now, we are in our 3rd level in Uni but still no boyfriend for me. While you are always having one guy or the other. And I am not saying that I am jealous. It’s just that, it reminds of how lonely I am. Because when we hang out, it is you and me and some guy or guys that are toasting you at the time. But for me? Still no one.”

“Awww, babe! Why you no talk since now? Anyways, there are so many guys on this campus. What of our classmates? That one! That guy in the V-neck shirt.?

“He’s married, jor!” she hissed

“Really, he’s so young! Okay, what of that guy in the turkey neck?”

“Yetty, Julius wears a turkey neck because he has body odour.”

“Ewww!” she squinted her nose.


“Well, you know what I mean. There’s still plenty of nicer guys on campus that you can just take any guy you want.”

“No, point of correction! YOU can take any guy you want because you are pretty and sexy. I obviously can only dream of taking any guy I want.” She interjected

“Calm down, Sandy,” said Yetty laughing “hey, I’ll help you. I can talk to a couple of guys for you…”

“NOOOOO! NO NO NO!” she screamed “If that didn’t work in high school it definitely will not work here. So forget it”

“Hey, How can I help you if you don’t let me help…”

Just then their ICT engineering tutor walked in.

“Hey, babe! What about him!?” asked Yetty

Sandy looked up to see Bamidele. Their ICT senior by two years in 500 level. A gentle guy with easy manners and temperament. But Sandra immediately knew why Yetty would pitch Bamidele to her. Bamidele wasn’t Yetty’s type. He wasn’t handsome or tall or loaded. He was just another brilliant guy who is only good for lessons to her. But Sandy did like Bamidele because he was the only guy who would help juniors by giving tutorials and answer tough questions. He was a nice guy. The problem was; she wasn’t attracted to him. Sandra was attracted to tall handsome lean guys who were charming and could sweep girls off their feet with flair. Like in the romance novels. She grew up reading too many romance novels.

Even though Bamidele wasn’t short, he was of medium height, with an obvious fat body and a little potbelly. He kept his hair; afro and full and it was usually shaggy like he couldn’t afford a good barber. And he was almost always badly dressed in oversized long-sleeved shirts and jeans. With oversized glasses that gave him an owl-eyes look.

“Hey…um good afternoon guys,” Bamidele said greeting the class of about one dozen students gathered for the regular tutorials. He immediately zoomed in on Sandra as if he could sense her thoughts about him. When she looked back he just as soon looked away in shyness.

“Sorry babe, but I am not interested in our tutor.” Yetty just shrugged and Sandy sighed.

Bami would have been perfect but she wanted one of those guys that she’d read about in Mills & Boon and Harley Quinn novels. The tall muscular handsome princes that would sweep ladies off their feet. She was all about passion. The heat.

The most Bamidele seemed to be passionate about was programming. He would only glance at her occasionally in class. She sensed that he might be interested in her but she couldn’t be sure. Who knows what goes on in egghead’s brains. Besides she wasn’t interested. She wanted someone who would light up the fires of passion in her. Someone who would make her head go foggy and unable to think clearly. Someone whose breath would make her skin go goose-pimply, her hair stand on end and her nipples perk up. Someone whose slightest touch would send heat waves rushing through her veins and converge between her legs and moisturize her in between.

Not someone who would only smile at the whiteboard whenever he successfully treated a question that lecturers failed at answering. No. Bamidele wouldn’t do at all.

“Yetunde, you know what? Why don’t you tell me about your plans for this evening?” she asked changing the subject.

“Oh, you know my friend Michael?” Sandy rolled her eyes because Yetunde always called her guys ‘friends’ like there was a boyfriend hidden somewhere that she was hiding them from. “He says he’s taking me to that new eatery that just opened opposite our school: Richies! Afterwards, we would go to the school’s Valentines’ bash for some mingling and from there we will spend the rest of the evening at the seaside, for some late-night ocean breeze romance.” She said gleefully thoroughly excited and forgetting about Sandy’s loneliness instantaneously. It was a wonderful plan and Sandy immediately regretted asking her about it. It made her jealous.

“That’s nice,” she said finally “now, let’s listen to Bamidele tackle this question. It will come out in the next test.” And she totally ignored Yetunde.


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