“take Me Back”

“take Me Back”

I’ve swung trees beyond leaves
I’ve  explored vastly the jungle’s belt
I’ve shown my flexibility
on closed  and unclosed  branches;
My acrobtaics is  a higher bar for a Monkey’s match

I have tasted nectars , I know the flower that bore the sweetest,
I have smelt
array of petals- melt their colour to my touch.

On my route through stems
I have ridden on stalks
Some bore thorns , and bled my heart
some with deceptive backs that broke my arm

I deposited nectars in styles
Into  many receptacles
Yes I know , I know I ve climbed on trees –
Beyond leaves,but I’m on a U turn :
My cracked feelings
Is a proof of my reticence

Take me back even if it’s on  your weakest branches ,
Only your fortress I desire to climb now
I want to mount and hinge on your soul
My flexible love can’t wait for the wonders

I know you’ve grown beyond green, and
You are not in your nascenting self anymore
I know your branches are  deeply intertwined
Into the cloggy sky
But know this , I’m ready to go through this wires
To reach the apical of winning back your love!

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